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Patisserie YAHAGI is not a large shop, however, it is a very lovely and unique shop.


The shop was designed by Eric Dally who was the judge of "the House of the Year in New Zealand".

He wanted the shop to be both attractive and functional, and be successful for the owner as well.

In Patisserie YAHAGI there is no wall between the baking space and the customer area. He thought that if there is a wall like every other shop, it will act as a barrier to customers and it was very important that the shop be different and that a good connection between the work space and the customer area must be maintained to make the shop work. When you come to Patisserie YAHAGI, you can always see Eri baking or decorating fantastic desserts and cakes through her ideas. 


You will also notice lovely lightings soon as you pop in to Patisserie YAHAGI. They are called 'Floral', designed by David Trubridge who was given NZ's highest design award, the John Britten Award, by the Designers Institute. 'Florals' are made from bamboo plywood and the shadows they create look like cherry blossom which is the national flower of Japan. Eri is certain that no lightings besides "Floral" suit her shop because it represents the Japanese patisserie in New Zealand


We welcome you and experice our guilt free Japanese style cakes and desserts at our shop.

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