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The signature look of Macaron Parisien has a smooth surface and has a ruffled circumference which is called 'pied' (referred to as the foot.)


Macaron Parisien is meringue-based made from simple ingredients such as egg whites, almond flour and sugar. Therefore the taste depends on the chef's skills.


The judgmental standard is the texture and aroma. Although macarons can be found in a wide variety of flavours, macaron's original aroma is fresh almond's aroma because the main ingredient is almond. 

It can hardly be said that macarons which emphasize the sweetness and aroma of the filling  (such as buttercream and jam etc) are delicious macarons.


Regarding the texture, it is said that macarons with light crunchy texture outside and moistured texture inside are the most delicious macarons. This requires high amount of skill to make the correct texture. Without the skill, there will be an air decay inside the macaron and hence no light texture.


There are two methods to create macarons and these methods are Italian meringue and French meringue. The method of Italian meringue uses a lot of sugar and it is easier to make macarons. However, Italian meringue makes the macarons too sweet and destroy the original palatability. It is said that delicious and traditional macarons are made with French meringue which uses less sugar and requires more skill. 


We use the method of French meringue for macarons. That is the reason why our macarons are different from others.


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