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A B O U T   U S

What comes to mind when you hear “Japanese cuisine”? Maybe Sushi, Tempura or Teppanyaki? Of course these are all Japanese staples; however they are the stereotypical image of Japanese cuisine. Over the past five decades, Japanese people have adopted western cuisine and fused it with their traditional cuisine. Nowadays most Japanese people favour Japanese-western food over Sushi, Tempura and Teppanyaki. 


This fusion of cuisines has worked beautifully with Desserts and Cakes. Japanese sweets have taken inspiration from French cuisine producing exquisite products of great delicacy.


These unique Japanese sweets can be tasted in Christchurch at Patisserie YAHAGI, the first Japanese patisserie in New Zealand. The owner, patissier Eri Yahagi who moved from Tokyo, Japan to New Zealand opened her patisserie in Christchurch in 2009. She won two gold medals in the Bakery of the Year 2010 within one year since she opened her patisserie.


The products of Patisserie YAHAGI are guilt free, sweet but not too sweet and also look very beautiful like precious shining jewels. Customers find it hard to choose from the many attractive desserts and cakes in the showcase. 


Visit the Patisserie YAHAGI and experience these exquisite delights. 

Real foodies: be part of this exciting revolution in Japanese cuisine! 


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